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Milos Island

The wide variety and diversity of Milos coasts is impressing, with its countless both narrow and wide bays offering beaches for all tastes, from sandy to pebble or even rocky ones. Enjoy 80 amazing beaches, among them stands out Kleftiko with its turquoise waters and Sarakiniko with the unique lunar landscapes, the rocky secluded caves, the mysterious catacombs, the “sleeping” volcanoes and a picturesque Cycladic Chora. The fishing villages of Milos consist of small, usually, two-storey houses called Sirmata, traditional shelters for boats. Each "Sirma" has a large wooden door of different color from the others. These colorful small places are worth a visit for their characteristics.



The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, conseque- ntly offering the visitor a wide range of activities. Hiking: Set off on a walking tour following ancient-old paths, which used to be the only “road network” until the previous century. Many of them lead to secluded beaches of pure wild beauty. Diving: On the island there are certified schools that have modern equipment and experienced guides and can offer you a unique, safe diving experience that you will remember forever.


Local Recipes

Local products and historical influences defined the cuisine of our island. Delicious dry vegetables, sheep and goats for meat and cheese, what the land produces mainly, but also the sea. Venetian and Cretan tastes, influences from the voyages of merchants and sailors. Local products, including the special thyme honey, marmalades, sundried tomatoes and sweets can be purchased in many shops in Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia. Recently Milos started to produce a good local wine. Give it a try! Eating in Milos is a unique experience not to be missed.

boat tours

Daily Boat Cruises

Enjoy the crystal water, magical caves and secluded beaches of our volcanic island, through daily boat cruises. Ask us for more information. Enjoy the crystal water, magical caves and secluded beaches of our volcanic island, through daily boat cruises. Whether you want to sail for a few hours or for a week, on a small group or by yoursleves or if you want to plan something special there is a cruise that suits your needs. Ask us for more information.


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